In 1994 an Authenticated Deed was signed and „W.M. POMTOR” Wyroby Metalowe i Inne sp. z o.o. (W.M. POMTOR Steel and Other Products Co. Ltd.) with Headquarter in Warnice is established.

In 1985 „POM Warnice” change it's name to
Panstwowe Przedsiebiorstwo Produkcyjno – Handlowe POMTOR (National Production and Trading Company POMTOR).

In 1951 Panstwowy Osrodek Maszynowy* „POM Warnice” become established.
*POM - (Państwowy Osrodek Maszynowy - National Machinery Centre) – state-owned companies, established in Poland in the middle of XX century to serve as a manufacturing and repair facilities to the others national enterprises.

1994r.First metal containers made in
„WM POMTOR” Co. Ltd.

Drawing board with projects

Metal containers for Western Germany client

„Master of Rationalisation Board”

POM Warnice tool-maker's shop

Steel delivery from Lenin's Steel Mill